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Technology Partner

Sign up as a Technology Partner for your Projects. Take your Projects to the Next Level.

Connect to Leading Industry Solutions & Technology for your Business.

Get Access to Top notch Designers & Product Craftsmen, Growth Hackers, Investors, Industry Evangelists, Veterans & Advisers in your Niche.

Just Prototype & Design

Welcome to Ninjaas Design Lab.

It’s a Design first Engineering approach. Get unlimited Prototypes for Mobile, Tablet and web.

The challenge: Getting closer & closer to the actual Product.

Tip: Not Investing on Development until all Prototypes are validated.

Product Development

Only after Idea & Prototypes are Validated enough, Project goes inside the Development Lab.

This Trick Reduces cost of Production by over 50%.

Development Delivery(MVP) Guaranteed within 21 working days.


Always the challenge is: Finding Better solutions to your existing problems.

This improves your workplace efficiency & Productivity.

With Ninjaas Team as your Partner, get access to Top notch Consultants, experienced Technology Veterans, Evangelists. The secret sauce for success is: Finding consulting specialists & Partners for your Product.

IT Management Contracts

This covers yearly IT Infrastructure setup & management. Get annual contracts for IT management, consulting & service integrations.

Convergence: Put me on the cloud.

Do you have a Web & Mobile Platforms for your Business? Start moving your whole company, team and resources to your own Cloud Platform.

Quick Prototyping cycles.

Gets you closer & closer to the actual Product.


Let's meet the Founders

Team Ninjaas

team 1

Prajwal Suhas P - Founder, Chief Hacker.

Identifying Patterns, Trends & opportunities early. Involved in connecting the pieces together. Crafting Quick Prototypes from Ideas.
Enjoys Validations.
team 1

Ray CH - Co-Founder, Chief Designer.

Addicted to New technologies & Ideas. Full Stack Hacker turned Growth Hacker. Challenging the limits with Design and code. Currently is writing a Book on RWD(Responsive web Design)

Who we are?

Ninjaas is an Early Stage Internet company much like Early Google, way back in 2000.
We aim to Bring Changes & making that Difference with Technology.

Founded by Specialist Software Consultants, who’ve worked & done startups before; and so move forward with Entrepreneurial spirit.


Identify Great Ideas & opportunities early.
Invest on Trends early to Craft out great products.

The challenge is always in Quick Crafting loops to connect the pieces together!
Crafting is always the biggest challenge, and that’s where Team Ninjaas come.

The early stages of the Product Development till reaching the Market fit.

How we do it?

First we Validate it; then we Conceptualise it and finally we craft it.

“The first few steps Define your Product”
Worth mentioning again & again, Investing on Initial Prototypes & Validations matter the most.
Validation involves constant Refining, strategic planning to find the market fit.
Prototypes <—> Validations early <—> Proceed.

Keeping all such critical things in mind
The Design Team offers Prototypes with validations for your models.
Crafting prototypes for most Platforms: Web, Phones & Tablets.

It’s a design first Engineering approach at every stage.

Tech we use:
At the heart of our Infrastructure we are powered by Open Source Stack,
cloud services and Best practices.

Team that specializes in Processes

Process Driven Models — To Craft great Products

Design First — Get Rapid Prototypes & Validations

Startup experience: Validated Bmodels

Connecting the pieces: Bigger Challenge always

Entrepreneur spirit — Move with Validations.

Ideation Team — For gathering deeper insights.

App Model — Single Page apps to Real-time

Critics Team — Find flaws early

Development: Data Driven, Iterative & Evolving

Strategy — User Acquisition to On-boarding

Convergence: Mobile, Infrastructure & platforms

UX — Focus on User Experience

Hackathons — Rapid Prototype cycles


Ninjaas are Building Future Infrastructure's, Platforms to Apps. Driving the Future.

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From Prototypes with Validation to websites, apps & connections. Currently accepting only 1 Project every month.

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Hacketeria is the Ninjaas Hack Labs with a Cafeteria like Experience. Perfect for Night outing & Crafting your Great Ideas.
Hacketeria Connects the Best Hackers, Artists, Craftsmen, Thinkers & Designers.

Weekly Hackathons at Hacketeria

Available: Weekly Idea Hackhathons

Hackers, Designers, Managers available. Please fix Appointments a week before.

This Partnership is exclusively for Selected Entrepreneurs having Ambitious ideas we love to Hack on.
And you are looking for an Immediate Product & Prototype(s) delivery.

  • Apply for 72hr App Idea Hackathon:
    • Super Quick Delivery Package.
    • Idea is already validated.
    • You are looking to Raise a seed round immediately.
    • Have a concrete Idea, Design, Vision & Plan in mind.
    • 2 Developers Hack & build the MVP out.
    • 1 Prototype out.
    • MVP Delivered and transferred on the 4rd working day.
  • Apply for 5 day Build my Idea Hackathon:
    • Falls under first to market Ideas which needs to be tested & validated.
    • You’ve raised a seed round.
    • Idea gets validated by our Team.
    • 5 Developers Hack on your Idea to craft the product.
    • Hacking spread for a period of 5 days.
    • 5 different Variations & Prototype sets.
    • Gets you closer to the actual product very soon.
    • Product concept is delivered & transferred on the 6th working day.
  • Apply for 10 day Build My App Idea Hackathon:
    • Most preferred Package for seed funded startups to get the MVP out soon.
    • 10 Team members work full time to get a great MVP.
    • 10 different variations & prototype sets.
    • Better Results guaranteed, as you get very close to your actual product.
  • Apply for the longer Marathon:
    • It’s a 21day App Development challenge.
    • This is more like a Marathon challenge including the best team members on-board.
    • Most preferred package for funded startups.
    • A larger team works towards your vision & ideas making concrete stories and use-cases.
    • You get Unlimited MVP variations till the 20th day, getting closer to the actual product.
    • Faster & quicker Iteration cycles & different prototype sets delivered.
    • The idea evolves stronger & is seen from very different POV’s (dimensions)
    • Solid customer ready & fully tested MVP delivered by the 21st working day.
    • Added consulting sessions from: Industry veterans, startup advisors and Domain Specialists.
    • Investor connections

All packages are full value for money.
Proceed with Full confidence, full satisfaction guaranteed!

Why opt for more variations, designers, design iterations, validation & prototypes?

  • Simple answer: gets us closer & closer to the actual product faster, close enough!
  • That’s the only secret in crafting a Great product from an Idea!

Leaking the Secret Sauce...

More Prototypes can get you closer & closer… to the Actual Product.
And there is no other way around.