Know about Ninjaas

Ninjaas is a Mobile Focussed Internet company
Focussed on Ventures that & making a Bigger Difference to Humanity.

Founded by Specialist Software Consultants, who’ve worked & done startups before; moving forward with Entrepreneurial spirit.


Identify Great Ideas & opportunities early.
Investing on Trends to Craft out great products.

The challenge is always in Quick Crafting loops to connect the pieces together!
Crafting is always the biggest challenge, and that’s where Team Ninjaas come.

The early stages of the Product Development till reaching the Market fit.

How we do it?

Starting with Initial Validations; then we Conceptualise it & crafting it.

“The first few steps Define your Product”
Worth mentioning again & again, Investing on Initial Prototypes & Validations matter the most.
Validation involves constant Refining, strategic planning to find the market fit.
Prototypes <—> Validations early <—> Proceed.

Keeping all such critical things in mind
The Design Team offers Prototypes with validations for your models.
Crafting prototypes for most Platforms: Web, Phones & Tablets.

It’s a design first Engineering approach at every stage.

Tech we use:
At the heart of our Infrastructure we are powered by Open Source Stack,
cloud services and Best practices.

Team that specializes in Processes

Process Driven Models

Design 1st Thinking

Validation Driven

Startup Mindset

Entrepreneur Spirit : Moving with Validations.

World Class Ideas

Mobile 1st

Smart Development: Data Driven, Iterative & Evolving

Strategy — User Acquisition to On-boarding

Convergence: Mobile, Infrastructure & platforms

UX Driven

Experiments — Rapid Prototyping

Download the Ninjaas Internet App from the Play Store. Stay Updated on Upcoming Products.

Quick Prototyping cycles.

Gets you closer & closer to the actual Product.

Visionary EIR

No Steve Jobs, Be yourself!

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Complete Mobile Media Solution. Rich Media Experience for Mobile & Mobile Commerce

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Design Lab

Welcome to Ninjaas Design Lab.

It’s a design first Engineering approach. Get unlimited Prototypes for Mobile, Tablet and web.

The challenge: Getting closer & closer to the actual Product.

Tip: Not Investing on Development until all Prototypes are validated.

Product Development

Only after Idea & Prototypes are Validated enough, Project goes inside the Development Lab.

This Trick Reduces cost of Production by over 50%.

Development Delivery(MVP) Guaranteed within 21 working days.

Business Consulting

Always the challenge is: Finding Better solutions to your existing problems.

This improves your workplace efficiency & Productivity.

With Ninjaas Team as your Partner, get access to Top notch Consultants, experienced Technology Veterans, Evangelists. The secret sauce for success is: Finding consulting specialists & Partners for your Product.

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