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  • Over 5 years of experience in eCommerce, Retail and Healthcare, Ninjaas team is steering projects and product development with a young, passionate, energetic and innovative team onboard.

  • The expertise gained with Retail and eCommerce Ventures is helping us understand other Industries, deploy Retail concepts to Service Industries as well.
  • We believe that Retail is Detail and Truth.

Our Vision and Mission

Digital transformation is at the core of our vision.
Our mission is to continue empowering enterprises and entrepreneurs to build online businesses go online, reach predictability and transform to digital businesses. We are creating a digital world for internet first citizens with access to true information, search for insights at speed. We stand for Humanity to bring Predictability in lives, show truth, manifest better forms for future existence. Be in Search of Truth.

Our Core Values


Our Investment

We strongly believe to invest in young minds with strong conscience who can innovative on our ideas to fulfil the needs of humanity thus builing a safe futuristic world for our children.

Compassionate Capitalism

We encourage and support each to raise capital, a philosophy called compassionate capitalism. We believe we can build massive economies of scale with compassionate capitalism. Let’s unite to grow, build transparency and realize each others worth in true form.

Ninjaas World

  • Welcome to the Ninjaas World. 

  • If you have made up your mind to work here at any cost, then you must know us and how a typical workday at Ninjaas looks like. The world here is moving really fast, we call the Ninjaas Speed.

  • Do you watch videos at 2X speed? Folks here watch at 2X speed. Recently we raised the bar up to achieve 10X productivity with a new mental models for faster learning, understanding and Clarity.

  • Our thoughts are open minded and appreciate curiosity. This vs That talks are quite common like Phone vs Android, Windows vs Macbook, MBTI vs Ordinary life., Ordinary life vs living an extraordinary life.

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