About invisiblebed

‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ — an axiom that holds true for the conceptualisation of invisiblebed. The founder, Prashanth H , free-spirited entrepreneur, was hindered by the furniture that cluttered his living space. He sought for but failed to find total space-saving solutions that seamlessly integrated with his interiors without sticking out like a sore thumb. Ergo, he founded, not a business but a helping service to solve everyday problems in the household.


  • Retail transformation and expansion of across India
  • Difficulty in photography and details of the products
  • Low business productivity
  • Deteriorating levels of customer satisfaction
  • Mass reach out was becoming difficult due to technical glitches


  • Complete Digital and Retail Transformation across india
  • Organized of entire business processes
  • Delivered consistent user experience
  • Easy integration with existing business applications
  • Better customer-connects

Business Impact

  • Sales increased by 60% with minimal ad spend year over year.
  • increased brand awareness across all audiences with targeted campaigns and creative.
  • Drove conversions and interest around in-store promotions with Customised campaign flights
  • With creative strategy and audience insights, Email blasts had a click through rate 188% higher than average
  • Recovering Sales with Cart Abandonment Emails by 40%

Project Status

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Project status
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“We are continually trying to improve our customer’s journey
by providing a personalised experience by leveraging the rules
and intelligence available in the Ninjaas platform.“