Whatsapp Business Account verification Service with Green Tick Mark ✅

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Ninjaas feels immense pleasure to share details about the WhatsApp Business API and application for GreenTick ✅ Verification, a service that we provide for building up your brand value in the market.

  • Key Features

  1. Obtaining the Green tick badge can assist in decreasing the frequency with which your customers block you.

  2. It may also increase the rate at which your messages are read, resulting in a higher return on investment (ROI) for your messaging costs.

  3. Eventually, it can become a component of your overall branding.

  4. Customers are able to view your brand name even if they do not save your number

  • Benefits

  1. Demonstrates to users that the account is authentic and safe to interact with, resulting in increased engagement and fewer negative responses, such as blocking the WhatsApp phone number.

  2. Instead of displaying your phone number, your brand name will be shown.